Press Release: Real Estate Revolution

February 12, 2020
February 12, 2020 | By Sebastian Barnes | Filed in: Press.

A Real Estate REvolution is Here and People are Talking About it

Brother and sister duo Aaron Siddique and Julia Barth have spent their whole life in friendly competition. The sibling rivalry is strong with these two high achievers. As adults, the two real estate attorneys have called a truce and teamed up—each bringing their own skills, passions and areas of expertise to the table—and the result has been nothing short of amazing.

Aaron and Julia are proven and trusted experts in the field of commercial real estate. Over 30 years of combined experience with the shared desire to help agents navigate the field has culminated in an amazing passion project to help give back to the real estate industry that has given them so much.

The Residential to Commercial Academy (RtCA for short) is the first online academy designed to offer the skills and knowledge needed to introduce residential real estate professionals to the world of commercial real estate.

And people are paying attention. Recently featured on DFW’s popular morning show Good Morning Texas, RtCA is being celebrated as a Real Estate REvolution. This high-energy course offers students an entirely new path to a successful real estate career.

With courses covering commercial leasing and commercial sales, over 30 deep dives into the most important concepts, quick-reference notes and fillable documents to make your drafting process easier, it’s easy to see the value.

RtCA offers knowledge in commercial real estate you could previously only gain from a mentorship. In six hours, you can have a proven roadmap to success in commercial real estate that would normally take years to acquire.

Here are just some of the reasons why people choose RtCA:

  • Courses for both commercial leasing and commercial sales
  • Over 30 deep-dive lectures with tactical advice covering commercial real estate from every angle
  • Candid and conversational lessons from Aaron and Julia, commercial real estate experts with over 33 years of combined experience
  • Classes designed to hone your skills, so you can continue to learn after completing the course
  • Quick-reference notes to check back on your lessons
  • Fillable documents to make your deal drafting process easier
  • One of the most straightforward ways to become a hybrid residential and commercial professional
  • Digital Certificate of completion for email signatures, your website and business cards

With so much knowledge to share, Aaron and Julia are teachers at heart, and they want to help agents just like you find success in real estate! Take a chance on yourself, without the need to find a mentor to “take a chance on you.”

Check out theRTCA.com to see Aaron and Julia on Good Morning Texas or to start your REvolution today!

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